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Hazel L. Incatalupo Children's Makerspace PHLab What is a Makerspace? About Palm Harbor Library

Hazel L. Incantalupo Children's Makerspace

The Hazel L. Incantalupo Makerspace is a space for kids to make whatever crafts they can dream up. From perler
beads to construction paper, paint to popsicle sticks and cardboard tubes, there's something for everyone- and we add
new materials whenever we can! The makerspace is open everyday and kids are allowed in for an hour once a week.
There's no fee or library card needed. Just bring your kids in and get them ready to have some fun!

Makerspace Requirements

-Must be between the ages of 5 and 12

-Allowed to visit once a week for up to an hour

-Four kids allowed in the Makerspace at a time

-No parents allowed

-Clean up after yourself

-Have fun!

  Makerspace areaPaper, paint and more!Jars filled with crafting supplies
                    My Little Pony perler bead creations                   Five Nights at Freddy's craft

Check out the Makerspace on Youtube!